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Mar 12, 2007
The Truth About Lock Bumping and a Bump-Proof Solution
Lock bumping or the “999 Method” has long been familiar to certified locksmiths and high security companies around the world. Mainly used as a method for professional locksmiths to undo a misassembled cylinder on their workbench, rather than to gain entry during a service call, this technique has recently surfaced in the mainstream media as an infamous means for intruders to illegally gain access to homes, businesses, and institutions and has raised many concerns among the general public about their safety.

The truth is that although lock bumping has always posed a potential threat to consumers, the recent barrage of internet articles and demonstrations has introduced this technique to an entirely new population of existing and would-be criminals. With this in mind, the public must be made aware of the real threat that lock bumping poses to their protection. But there is good news: there are many steps that you as a consumer can take to prevent this from happening to you.

The most effective defense against lock bumping by far is installing a high security lock. Mul-T-Lock, the #1 global high security manufacturer in the world, offers a wide array of high security products that offer bump-proof protection as well as the best defense against picking, drilling, and unauthorized key duplication. Our world-wide experience has exposed us to lock manipulation techniques from all around the globe, and we have used this knowledge to effectively arm each and every one of our high security products with ample defense mechanisms such as:

• Stainless steel mushroom pins, which are tapered and shouldered to create “false” shear lines while picking or bumping is being attempted

• Our patented anti-picking pin set, which ensure that any time tension is applied, the top and bottom pins interlock to further deter attacks

• Our patented, enhanced design anti-drill pins

Mul-T-Lock's high-security cylinders boast an impressive UL437 listing for pick and drill resistance and are specifically tested against bump attacks as it is a requirement of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) testing laboratories (one of the many international organizations that certifies Mul-T-Lock products) that all tested high security locks be resistant against bumping. And Mul-T-Lock’s strict key control procedures, which ensure that our unique patent-protected Interactive® keys never fall into the wrong hands, virtually eliminates a criminal’s ability to even fashion a bump key.

Furthermore, Mul-T-Lock offers multiple types of locking solutions including mechanical deadbolts, mortise locks, retrofit cylinders, padlocks, utility locks, multipoint locks, and cylindrical locksets as well as an impressive electromechanical locking line that can all be integrated into a single system; so high security doesn’t have to be complicated or inconvenient. The bottom line is simply that when you consider the things that you’re protecting: your home, your valuables and keepsakes, your money, and even your family – high security just makes sense; the idea of using a $20 lock to protect a home or business filled with things of immeasurable value doesn’t.

In addition to installing a Mul-T-Lock high security lock to provide the ultimate protection against unauthorized entry attempts, Mul-T-Lock also offers the following safety tips that you can use to prevent your home or business from becoming a potential target. Knowing that you’ve taken every possible precaution to avoid unauthorized entry and that you are protected by Mul-T-Lock’s unbeatable high security solution will improve your security and your piece of mind:

• Community Awareness – talk to your neighbors about organizing a neighborhood watch effort, or simply let them know when you will be out of town and ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re away

• Clear Landscaping – keep the landscaping around your home as neat and revealing as possible. With less places for potential criminals to lurk, a wide open space will deter them from choosing your home or business as a potential target

• Well-Lit Exteriors – just as clearing away unnecessary trees and shrubbery deters criminals with the risk of getting caught, well-lit entrances and perimeters will discourage would-be intruders.

• Motion Sensors and Security Systems – added security measures such as motion sensors and alarm systems never hurt.

To learn more about how Mul-T-Lock can offer you the high security protection you need, visit Double A Security, Inc. today!